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5 Questions You Don’t Want to Ask Your Wichita Remodeling Company

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5 Questions You Don’t Want to Ask Your Wichita Remodeling Company

When planning for a home remodeling project, some issues are easier to forecast than others. Homeowners may busy themselves hashing out the final budget with their contractors, and whatever color schemes and features they’re choosing; but there are plenty of other logistical issues that should be considered in advance as well. Ultimately, this will help to save a world of hassle and stress once they actually arise.

Here are some questions you DO NOT want to be asking during your remodeling project

Where’s Fido?

People are coming in and out of the house, doors are open and shut, and different areas of the home may be off limits. Noise or clutter can also be hindrances. In other words, what’s the plan for the pooch? The family pet may need to be shacking up with a friend or family member during the remodel, or at the least, a plan should be in place to crate or cordon off the pet in a particular area of the home to make sure Fido stays safe and secure.

Who is that?

Most homeowners meet the head contractor or owner of a home remodeling company in Wichita. However, they likely will not meet all of the workers, let alone the subcontractors who might be brought in for plumbing, electrical or HVAC work. Be sure to learn who to expect, how many people, what their names are, and what they’re even supposed to be doing. Otherwise some guy named Joe just walked into your home and took a sledgehammer to your wall, and he doesn’t even know why.

When will the ___ be here?

It’s important to hash out the details of the schedule. This includes overall hours of the day, as well as timelines moving ahead for certain key project goals or completion dates. Homeowners should also be clear about what’s too early and what’s too late in terms of when workers should be expected to arrive and leave the home.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a ___ there?

Homeowners and their remodeling contractors should have a very clear plan in place… for what’s actually supposed to be going in place. There shouldn’t be any worries about oversight or miscommunication. Go over the details and approve plans before work starts. For instance, the seemingly small detail of where an outlet is located could require a good bit of work to undo or change after the fact.

Did we need to get a permit for that?

Your remodeling contractor should be handling all the legwork in terms of permits, licenses, and all issues pertaining to building codes and regulations. But don’t be caught off guard, either. Ask the contractor what will be needed, how it’s done, and what any associated costs, in terms of both project delays and real dollar value, are and don’t settle for an “I don’t think so” or “probably not” answer.

Avoid having to ask these questions by choosing the right remodeling company in (CITY) and keeping communication open and consistent throughout the remodeling process. You’ll be glad you did.