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5 Summer Hacks Around the House to Beat the Heat

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5 Summer Hacks Around the House to Beat the Heat

Even though summer is coming to an end for many, there’s still the heat of August and September that sometimes seems like there’s no fighting it. That doesn’t have to be the case though, and no, there’s no need to stick your head in the freezer for a quick blast of icy air. Instead, outfit and equip the home with the following tricks and summer hacks to beat the heat even when it’s at its worst.

Take Advantage of Fans:

Installing ceiling fans can help generate some much needed circulation and coolness. And that lovely chilling breeze doesn’t cost near as much as blasting away the air conditioner all day and night. Installing ceiling fans in bedrooms and main living spaces will help cool things down. Then, keep doors open to allow for room-to-room circulation and the difference will be clear throughout the entire home.

Switch to CFL:

No, there’s no need to ditch the NFL for their CFL counterparts up north, but instead, switch to CFL bulbs – compact fluorescent light bulbs – or LED. One of the key reasons why those old school bulbs use so much more electricity is that the bulk of the energy is wasted in terms of producing excess heat. How much of a difference can a light bulb make? Well, if there are dozens of lights in the home on for hours upon hours of the day, then it absolutely adds up and starts becoming a factor. Switching to CFLs or LEDs lowers energy costs and doesn’t bring more heat into the equation.

Update Appliances:

That home cooked dinner sure is great every night, but if the stovetop and oven aren’t properly ventilated with high quality vents and hoods, then the saying may finally be proven true – if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Install new appliances with the right ventilation systems in place to help quickly channel that heat out of the home. The same goes for washing and drying machines; make sure they’re fully ventilated so heat produced is sent quickly outwards.

Get Wired for a Smart Home:

With smart thermostats and similar technology, superior control is at any homeowner’s fingertips. For instance, don’t run the AC at hours when nobody is home, which lets it be pumped to its fullest when it’s needed, without any extra costs to the electric bill, thanks to superior management. Home zones can also be created to offer more flexibility and savings as well, and that way everyone can be at their own most comfortable temperature.

Tried and True Tricks:

Put to use a few tried and true, classic renovation tricks. For instance, updating those old windows with new, high quality windows and frames that work better to keep the home comfortable in every season. Keep the house cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. The same goes for doors and entranceways. Exterior awnings can keep out excessive sunlight and heat, and even landscaping can help do the trick, too.

Clearly there are a number of summer hacks to beat the heat, which is good news, because that means that no homeowner has to suffer and sweat in silence. Beyond the instant fixes, consider speaking with a qualified home remodeling contractor about some of the additional ideas to keep things cool and comfortable.