Bel Aire

Bel Aire, KS Home Renovation Company

Bel Aire, KS is a charming small town with under 7,000 people. In a recent study, Bel Aire was named in the top 10 of most successful cities in Kansas. Bel Aire was also ranked #3 as the safest places to live in Kansas. Christian grew up in Pittsburgh, PA but would make frequent visits with his family to Bel Aire as a child to visit his grandparents who still reside in Bel Aire. Christian remembers when most of Bel Aire was corn fields and enjoys memories of riding a three-wheeler in the fields. Christian moved out to Wichita, KS with his family to take care of his grandparents during his college years. He has since moved to Bel Aire where he is raising his family. Bel Aire is now growing and expanding. Learn more about Bel Aire, KS here.

In these photos, you’ll see how we combined two rooms into one large master bedroom. The client was about to get married and wanted a larger master bedroom.

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