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Closet Remodel-Working with What You Have

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Closet Remodel-Working with What You Have

I think we all idealize large walk-in closets. His and hers—of course. Shelves for shoes, jeans, and sweaters. Plenty of hang up space.

But reality is many of us don’t have space for that in our current homes. Especially if your home is an older Wichita home, chances are you don’t boast of large walk-in closets. Our first house that we bought and flipped was built in the 1940s and that closet was TINY!

Closet Customization

So unless you are planning to move, what can you do? There are ways to work with the space you already have. Great organization is possible in older homes with less closet space. Here are a few ideas that we have done to maximize space.

Adding two rows of hang up space increased the function of this closet. Then, we added cubbies to increase space for sweatshirts and jeans and other bulky items. Next, we left a smaller section for long items to fit this homeowner’s needs and give more function to the space.

We were also able to add cubbies, shelves, and different height hang-up sections for this closet.

Closet customization can be tailored to your needs and preferences! Maybe you are considering a more extensive remodel that would include more space for a walk-in master closet. Check out a master bathroom addition we did recently that included an extensive master closet!

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