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Why Do Contractors Play Hide and Seek?

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Why Do Contractors Play Hide and Seek?

I recently had a frustrating experience with a contractor that we hired to do a project for us. When we requested a price he was very eager and helpful. It seemed like he was going to do a good job. We scheduled the project with the contractor. As the time drew nearer, we reminded him of the job and confirmed that it was a go. On the day that we were supposed to start the job our contractor did not show up. We called. We texted. We emailed. We called. We texted. We emailed…. You get the picture. No response. We were at a loss. The next day we got a call from him saying he was going to get on it in a couple days. He was just trying to finish up another job first. I was a little frustrated, but life goes on. We scheduled the job for the next week. On the day he was supposed to start he didn’t show up. We called. We texted. We emailed…nothing. The next day he called and said he would be there in the afternoon – nothing. I know most people would have moved on after this, but I like to think I’m a patient man… 😊 So I called. I texted. I didn’t email this time though and when I didn’t hear anything by the end of the day, I moved on. We had to find another way to get this project done.


The moral of the story:

Sometimes it seems like contractors are playing hide and seek. They don’t return phone calls or communication. Why? Here are my thoughts. I think contractors will get into a bind with work load. They get very busy and don’t take the time to return calls. And then they feel bad when they can’t make you happy so they avoid the calls so they don’t have to face the fact that they can’t help. Remodeling is a hard business. There are lots of details, planning, etc. that go into a project. Make sure and hire a reputable contractor in the Wichita, KS area that will communicate with you – even when they don’t have good news! Otherwise – your blood pressure will go up – like mine did a couple weeks ago!

At Pinnacle, you have our word that we will keep you in the know on your project, and we will do all we can to avoid surprises and unnecessary stress.

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