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Dust, Equipment and Strangers…Oh, My!

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Dust, Equipment and Strangers…Oh, My!

Oftentimes the only concerns that homeowners bring into a home remodel are the final, finished quality or outcome, and how much it costs them. However, that’s overlooking a few very key areas that need to be taken into account, and which can make all the difference between an easy and even enjoyable experience, and a nightmare that just wouldn’t end. Welcome to the potentially ugly world of dust, equipment, and strangers…oh my!


Especially for large-scale remodels that may involve ripping down walls, removing floorings and ceilings, dust and cleanup become huge concerns. It’s important to be able to contain the messiness to the area being worked on, so that the havoc doesn’t spread across the rest of the entire home.

It’s important to get everything properly cleaned up after the fact. Remodeling contractors should have a plan in place for smaller, end of the day cleanup to minimize impact on the home during the project, as well as larger, end of project cleanup, whether they do it themselves, or bring in a cleaning crew after everything else is finished.


Power tools, cans of paint, piles of lumber, appliances being replaced, ladders, and on down the line. There’s a lot of equipment laying around a home during a remodeling project. This also adds to the clutter and messiness of the deal, along with the aforementioned dust.

Be sure to understand where all of that equipment goes, and for instance, if it stays at the home for the duration of the project. Further, if there are expensive materials or equipment left on hand, who’s responsible for it? Be sure to have all the expectations properly set on this before beginning.


Who are these people walking in and out of the house all day long? It’s likely that homeowners met the owner of a company or one of its salespeople, but now there’s a whole crew on site.

Once again, clear this up before getting started. How many people will be in the home, and who are they? Are they full-time employees, are they subcontractors being hired out, are they guys off the street that nobody knows anything about?

Of course, another concern to keep in mind will be the schedule. This includes the final date of completion, which relates to the overall length of a remodeling project, but also the daily schedule. What hours of the day will workers be around? Put a framework in place for starting and ending times, so that the home can be as “normal” as possible as the kids get ready for school in the morning, or before dinner is served at night.

That’s why some homeowners instead opt to head out of town during a remodeling project. This frees them of the headaches, and also potentially enables the contractors to get things done quicker, as they’re able to work without distraction, and potentially put in longer hours each day.

Sometimes there are hassles that just can’t be avoided. That said, a reputable remodeling contractor in Wichita should work to minimize them as much as possible, and to provide for a smooth, timely experience. Look for referrals from friends or neighbors, or local contractors with strong ratings and reviews, and be sure to speak with them about expectations and potential solutions before agreeing to a new project.