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Five Reasons Why We Love this Bathroom Solution

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Five Reasons Why We Love this Bathroom Solution

Everyone wants to have their bathroom remodeled. We spend hours in our bathrooms – some more than others, getting ready to be seen by the outside world. For some people, their bathroom – especially their master bathroom-needs to be show stopper like a recent bathroom we did in Wichita, KS.

For others, the bathroom just needs to function…without the frills. For a third group, they want the bathroom to look great, function, obviously, but maybe not spend the money on a show stopper. This group is probably the majority of us.

The product that I’m writing about is for this third group – the people that want a nice functional bathroom but without the show stopping price tag. We’ve been using the Onyx Collection for years and have come to love the product. When talking to our Wichita clients, I refer to this as our “mid-range” solution for their bathroom remodel.

Please read on as I discuss 5 reasons why we love this great bathroom solution:

Forever guarantee

Let me start things off with a bang. The Onyx Collection offers a forever guarantee on their products Wow! Who offers a forever guarantee? I have never seen Onyx fail yet which is probably why they offer that amazing guarantee. This collection is really well-made stuff! Which leads to my second point.

It’s Bullet Proof

It usually takes 2 of our team to carry in an Onyx pan which speaks to the stoutness of the product.

Our Wichita clients love that the shower base is so well made. There is no way it will crack. I’ve been to so many homes that have leaks in their showers due to the fiberglass cracking over time.

Custom shower pans

I love that we can order custom shower pan whatever size we want and they will have it to us. The slope to the drain is always perfect.

This Onyx shower base had a crazy shape. (It took 3 guys from our team to carry this one in!) There were a couple walls we had to have the base shaped around and the drain was a weird location due to HVAC ducts, but this base turned out perfectly. Read more about this Wichita Bathroom remodel here.

new shower in master suite

Options, Options, Options

There are so many options. Maybe you don’t like the looks of the Onyx walls. We have done numerous bathrooms in Wichita where we put in an Onyx shower base but tile the walls.

Read more about this Waterwalk Master bath remodel here.

Waterwalk walk in shower Wichita

Read more about this East Wichita master bathroom remodel here.

2016 Master Bathroom Remodel in Wichita, KS

The Onyx collection has so many options from different benches to different shampoo and soap niches. This Wichita bathroom shows off lots of different options.

Colors and Designs Galore

There a many colors to choose from for your next bathroom remodel. Most of our Wichita customers are impressed with the amount of options. If you don’t want smooth walls in your shower, there are some texture options as well.

Onyx texture options

Slate texture, Subway tile, and a stone look are the most popular options.

Onyx color options

There are also a couple design options for a shower curb. A regular height curb is about 4-5 “ tall and the low profile curb is about 1.5”. Most of our Wichita customers prefer the low profile curb.

Onyx curb options

If you’d like to talk to me about this great bathroom solution, please reach out to us – I’d love to discuss it. If you’re interested in a custom proposal to use this in your bathroom, please leave us a message in the contact us area
and we can connect right away.

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