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Pinnacle Core Values-We are Go Getters

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Pinnacle Core Values-We are Go Getters

Pinnacle Homes has 7 Core Values that we strive to live by. We are not perfect, but for the most part all of our team embodies these 7 values. The purpose of this article is to outline one of our core values to help you understand who we are.

We are Go Getters

I came up with this core value after reading the book The Go Getter. This is a motivational book about a war veteran amputee who refused to quit. He worked to find a job. He worked to get better as an employee. He would not be stopped.

We believe that being a go getter is comprised of three things: hustle, hard work, and focus. Each of our team members has these attributes which helps make us a strong team.

We believe that being a go getter is crucial to taking care of our customer’s projects. There are so many obstacles in a remodeling project and we must be go getters to overcome them and make our product excellent for our customers.

What characteristics do you value in someone that is a go getter? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below!


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