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Project Spotlight: Cedar Deck in Andover

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This is a spectacular deck in Andover, KS. This deck overlooks a beautiful lake in the back yard – perfect for morning coffee with a book or a weekend BBQ with friends!

Cedar Deck in Andover, KS overlooking the lake
Cedar Deck overlooking the lake

The homeowner had an existing deck, but it wasn’t quite large enough for their outdoor table, chairs, and grill. There was a post that ran through deck that supported the roof, but it had a very bad foundation. It is typical for decks built 10+ years ago to have insufficient footings/foundations for the deck structure. (read about more here) As you can see in the picture below the post is barely resting on the concrete pier at all. We used jacks to raise the sagging roof and poured a new pier for the new post.

old post

We built a new 18×25 upper deck that is accessible from the kitchen. We then built a 10×10 lower deck about 5’ lower than the upper deck. We built a new stair case coming from the upper deck to the lower deck and then down to the ground. 

Cedar Deck in Andover, KS
Custom Cedar Deck in Andover, KS

We built this deck from a mixture of rough and smooth cedar. Cedar is naturally decay resistant which makes it a great choice for exterior decks and structures.

Cedar deck in Andover, KS
Cedar deck with metal balusters

We used black balusters on the railing to complete the look. This helps with not having as much to maintain on the deck.

Andover, KS Decks
Large Cedar Deck in Andover, KS
Cedar Decking in Andover, KS
Smooth Cedar Decking
Andover, KS Cedar Deck
Huge Cedar Deck in Andover, KS

Many people think it’s easy to build a deck, but there are actually a number of things that go into a well-built deck from the foundation of the posts to attaching the deck properly to the house. We believe it’s important to pay attention to not only make the deck look great, but also to function and hold up over time. I’m sure this family will enjoy this great deck for years to come.

If you’d like more information about our team or about how you can get a new deck like this one, please contact us.

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