Our Process

Pinnacle Homes can take the visions for your home and turn them into reality. From small jobs to large complex projects, we always get your home remodeling project completed right in a timely manner. When you hire our professional team to complete a project for you, we use a step-by- step process that is easy, clear and highly effective. This allows us to not only provide you with exactly what you envisioned, but it helps us stay within your budget and get your project completed on time.


Initial Consultation

This is a 30 to 60 minute meeting where we learn your desires for the project. We discuss your time frame for having the project complete as well as your budget.



Project Design & Agreement

We will develop a design based on the first consultation and give an initial ball park proposal. Once the initial design agreement has been signed we will build a construction contract that outlines in detail what work will be performed and what materials and fixtures will be used. This is a firm price proposal so you know what you will pay at the end of the job as long as no changes are made.




We will schedule a pre-construction meeting with you, the sales person, and the lead carpenter for the job. During this meeting, the sales team is essentially handing off the job to the carpenters who will be in charge of the job and perform the work. During this meeting we will ensure that everyone is on the same page.




We will maintain open communication so you know what is happening on a daily basis. Your jobsite will be kept clean and orderly. We will only bring clean cut, professional workers to your job. Any problems will be brought to your attention immediately.




As we wrap up the project, we will schedule a walk through with you and develop a punch list to ensure you are completely happy with our work. We will ask if there is anything you are not completely satisfied with. We will ask you for a review of our company to help us help other people!