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Custom Cedar Deck in Andover, KS

Our client had an existing deck that was starting to rot and fall apart. They hired us to build them a larger deck (18’x25′) along with a 10′ x 10′ lower deck. The back of their house overlooks a beautiful lake and our client wanted to capitalize on the view of the house.

Cedar Deck in Andover, KS
Cedar Deck overlooking the Lake

We used a combination of smooth and rough cedar for the decking, posts, and railings. We also used black metal for the balusters – this helps to minimize maintenance on the deck.

Cedar deck in Andover, KS
Cedar deck with metal balusters
Cedar Decking in Andover, KS
Smooth Cedar Decking
Andover, KS Cedar Deck
Huge Cedar Deck in Andover, KS
Cedar Deck in Andover, KS
Custom Cedar Deck in Andover, KS

This deck will make a perfect place for a cup of coffee on a beautiful morning overlooking the lake or an exciting weekend BBQ with friends.

Andover, KS Decks
Large Cedar Deck in Andover, KS

Custom Cedar Porch in Andover

The client had a concrete porch that was caving in and had tried numerous remedies to fix the problem. They hired us to remove the concrete and build a front deck in it’s place. The client was inspired by a home in Wichita, KS with a similar feel and took a picture of it. We took the picture and designed and built this deck for them.

Cedar Deck in Andover, KS
Cedar Deck in Andover, KS

This picture shows a cedar skirt we installed below the deck to keep out small animals.  The rough cedar posts tie in to the cedar shutters which we also built and installed.

Three Season Porch in Newton, KS

The client wanted a porch to spend time in throughout most of the year. They didn’t have any trees and the Kansas sun make things very uncomfortable in the summer time. We built what we call a three season porch. It provides a very comfortable place to spend time during most of the year.

We are framing in the three season porch. Whenever an addition is built, the tough job is to tie in the roof to make it look like it is not an addition.

We gave the concrete slate texture and stained the concrete to give it a finished look.

The client wanted a patio on the outside of the three season porch for his grill. We made the patio match the floor of the porch. We researched and found siding to match the home as well as metal trim to match the existing trim. This porch looks like it was original with the home!

“We received an estimate promptly and the work was done very professionally with courteous, clean cut workers.”
~ Donna F. 

“Pinnacle Homes has very reasonable rates and gives a very high return on any money invested in building projects.”
~David A. 

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