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Basement Finishing: Adding a Bedroom and Bathroom (Video)

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Finishing your basement can add so much value and functionality to your home. Listen to Christian as he tells about a recent basement finish we completed in Wichita, KS.

Our clients needed more room in their home for their growing family. They decided to create an additional bedroom and bathroom in their basement.

Adding the bedroom was easy—we took space from their large living area. There was an egress window and closet already in the space that we made into a bedroom. By closing that area off, we were able to easily add an additional bedroom.

The challenge was the bathroom. They wanted a full bathroom with a shower. The sewer line was at the opposite end of the house from where we wanted the bathroom to be, so we considered ripping up all the flooring and trenching through the living room to access the sewer line. But since the run of sewer pipe was so long, the toilet and shower would have to be elevated in order to drain properly. Since that was not an option, we installed a sewage ejector system. A sewage ejector system pumps the sewage to the sewer line, and then takes it out of the house. By doing that we were able to give them a shower, toilet and vanity, creating a full bath.

If you are interested in adding value to your home through a  basement finish, or have any other remodeling needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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