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Are You Sure You Want to go with the Lowest Price for your Shower Remodel?

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Are You Sure You Want to go with the Lowest Price for your Shower Remodel?

It’s always a temptation to go with the lowest price you can find for whatever it is you’re shopping for. Probably what you’ve learned over the years as have I, is that you get what you pay for. I’ve learned many hard lessons through the years of buying the cheapest thing. Usually it comes down to tools. If there is a perfectly good saw for $200 and the better brand is $350, it’s hard to spend that extra $150 for the better brand. And sometimes the cheaper one may have some cooler features. But, I think every time that I’ve bought the cheap tool, it’s come back to bite me! It usually breaks within a year or two.

One time I hired an electrician to do some work at our house and I went with the cheapest guy to save a couple bucks. We had nothing but nightmares with him. He got the work done, but it was a huge hassle and resulted in me having to finish up for him.

So what about your shower? Showers can cost a lot of money and I understand trying to make your dollar stretch as far as it can. But, is it a good idea to go with the cheapest price on a new shower?

Just last week we were remodeling a shower and tore out the old tub/shower to find the entire floor beneath nothing but a rotted mess. We had to replace a lot of subfloor as well as framing because of the leak. The contractor that installed the shower installed his tile directly to sheetrock. He was relying on the tile and grout of the shower to keep the shower waterproof. This however is not a good practice because the grout especially is not reliable to keep out water especially if there is a crack in the grout.

That is why at Pinnacle Homes, we completely waterproof the shower before we even think about tiling. See this video that talks about our process in waterproofing all our bathroom showers. This process is not the cheapest, but you will have peace of mind that your shower will never leak and you won’t have your framing rotting without you even knowing about it.

For more information about Pinnacle Homes, or to discuss your next bathroom shower remodel, give me a call – I would love to talk about your shower! And check out our bathroom portfolio to see our work and get ideas!

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