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Kitchen Remodeling—A Feature that Makes Your Kitchen Pop!

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Kitchen Remodeling—A Feature that Makes Your Kitchen Pop!

As you plan for a kitchen remodel here in the Wichita, KS area, there are so many details. Countertops, cabinet color and style, flooring options, fixtures, appliances, and so much more. But there’s one feature that may not be the first you think of, but can really add a lot to the overall look of your kitchen. What could it be? Cabinet lighting. Over cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, and interior cabinet lighting!

kitchen remodel Newton
kitchen remodel with cabinet lighting

As I’ve mentioned before in another blog, good lighting in your kitchen is crucial! Adding several can lights will really brighten up a room and give you the freedom to choose darker cabinets or flooring without making your whole kitchen seem too dark. But, another way to make your space pop is by adding lighting below and possibly above your cabinets. If you have some cabinets with glass doors to display pretty dishes and décor, consider interior lighting in your cabinets.

kitchen remodel with new cabinets
kitchen with new cabinets and lighting
farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets and open shelving
farmhouse kitchen with under cabinet lighting
farmhouse kitchen with shiplap hood
farmhouse kitchen with shiplap hood and under cabinet lighting

Check out our kitchen portfolio for more examples of how cabinet lighting can add warmth and style to your kitchen.

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